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Lovely shoes with pale pink leather. The shoes close over the ankle with a wide velcro closure, for an easy and quick adjustment. The shoes have a fixed heel cap, which ensures an optimal support for the child's feet. They are lined with leather on the inside, and they have  an ergonomic leather sole at the bottom.

The shoes have a ruffled sole of natural rubber which gives the child a secure foothold.

Internal dimensions cm:

Size 20 = 13.1

Size 21 = 13.7

Size 25 = 16.1

Note: The measurements are indicative and may vary by a few millimeters.

1-1.5 cm growth allowance is recommended.

Made with:
- Exterior: Skin
- Inside: Skin
- Outsole: Other material

Shoes by Bundgaard

Artikelnummer: 101065
CHF 82.00 Standardpreis
CHF 49.00Sale-Preis